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Waterford Schoolboys Football League

Carrick United Football Club

Our town:

Carrick United is based in Carrick on Suir in Southeast Ireland. The town is situated predominately in Co. Tipperary but parts of the town’s hinterlands are in Co Kilkenny and Co. Waterford. The town with an expanding population of 5,000 lies in the scenic river Suir Valley approximately 30 miles from the South Coast and within cycling distance of the fantastic and very popular Comeragh Mountains and Sleivenamon.

The town is steeped in sporting tradition with GAA, Cycling, Rugby, Athletics amongst the sports along with soccer participated in. Former professional cyclist Sean Kelly is the town’s most famed sports man.


Club Background:

Carrick United was founded following the high profile 1966 World Cup. Friendly Games were organised in 1967/68 the club being registered with the Waterford Junior League in 1968. Beginning with two adult teams the club quickly developed, emerging as a strong force in the 1970s. Schoolboy and youth football became a feature of activities in 1971.

In those early days ‘Soccer’ was not an accepted sport and there were occasions when the clubs existence was threatened but the desire to keep the club alive and vibrant surmounted all obstacles. This is lasting tribute to those who toiled endlessly during the past 36 years thus allowing the present generation take up the challenge.



Down through the years, a dedicated team of officers and managers has led the effort to provide the youth of Carrick on Suir with an acceptable level of Soccer and has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. The club has produced:

8 International Caps
2 Schoolboy
2 Youth
1 Junior
1 Olympic
1 College
1 Under 21
3 Munster Youth Caps
2 Tipperary Sports Star of the Year Awards
10 Waterford Referee Personality of the Year Awards
2 FIFA Referees
2 UCD Scholarships
4 FAS Scholarships
8 League of Ireland players
3 Players to English clubs
25 Waterford League titles
28 Cup Final victories
4 All Ireland Semi Final appeaerances
8 players on Waterford Schoolboy All Ireland winning teams
2 National Community Games Champions

A Previous Civic Reception honoured Carrick United Internationals.


A Dedicated Team:

After 36 years of achievement, Carrick United can point to sterling service to the young people of the area some of whom have spent up to thirty years enjoying competitive football on under age, youth and adult teams. This has been made possible because of the dedication of club officers, team managers, coaches and general helpers – up to 200 of whom have given their time and energy at one time or another over the past quarter of a century to give over 1000 young people the opportunity to train and play as soccer players


Serving the Young:

Today there are approximately twenty administrators and training personnel including qualified coaches involved in the club on a regular basis, providing support and supervision for 40 adult players, 20 youth players and almost 250 under- age players. That makes a self contained operation of almost 300 people who are working with enthusiasm, skill and dedication to maintain the magnificent record that Carrick United has produced over the years.


The Future:

As it enters the new century, the strength of Carrick United soccer can be seen from the number of teams the club now operates across all level of soccer in the region. In Season 2003/2004 three teams competed at Junior level, one team at Youth level, seven teams at Schoolboy level together with a triving academy that attracts up to 100 youngsters from the age of 5 to 9 weekly. With this level of participation it is timely that Carrick United has a newly developed home that can stand along side other exciting developments in the area as a tribute to a sport that has prospered in the town for well over a quarter of a century.


Premier League Champions:

The desire to win the Waterford Premier League Title was finally satisfied with back to back titles in seasons 1999/2000, 2000/2001 & 2002/2003. All the players came through the Carrick United ranks from schoolboy into youth football to achieve the highest honour possible at local Junior level. This is surely a testament to the wonderful work being done at all levels of the club over many years. The past season’s also witnessed the club winning the Waterford Junior League Second Division title, like the Premiership Squad this is a young team and more exciting times seem to be assured. All responsible were highly commended at recent Annual Dinner Dances and Social occasions.


Schoolboy Football:

The success at Junior level owes much to the excellent work being done at Schoolboy level. With this in mind an under age Street Leagues for those as young as nine were held during the summer of 2001, 02 & 03. A very successful weekly academy for 6 to 9 year olds now take place each Saturday, it’s a common sight to view over 100 boys & girls attending. Small-sided fun games are also organised against the academies of other local clubs regularly, with many parents attending.

The academy is self-sufficient with the boys weekly contribution used to buy coaching gear. A dedicated group of coach’s supervise the academy weekly, many of the coach’s participating in coaching courses. Seven club teams compete in the Waterford Schoolboy Leagues in age groups ranging from 11 to 16. Between the academy and organised teams over 250 boys are given supervised activity weekly with others always welcome to join. Those involved want to ensure the club remains vibrant at under age level and begin the footballing education of the next group of Premier League winners.


Community Talent:

No community of its size in Ireland has produced anything like the soccer talent that has come out of Carrick United. Yet the teams their supporters and hundreds of interested spectators who follow the game in the area, up to recently, did not have one thing --- and that is a developed ground that reflects the status of the Carrick United teams.



A separated vibrant Pitch Purchase Development Committee was set up in 1995, their efforts can now be clearly viewed at Coolnamuck, Carrick on Suir. They inaugurated three draws that proved to be outstanding success stories. The extent of the Carrick United family since its inception in 1968 was delightfully exposed as draw tickets were sent and returned from World Wide addresses, former players not forgetting their times at Schoolboys/ Youths level. Moneys in hand the search for a site proved difficult, numerous sites were investigated and after 16 months of searching the club negotiated the purchase of a 6.5-acre site at Coolnamuck, Carrick on Suir. The purchase excited the club because of its safe near town location and attainable development possibilities.

To date approx. €500,000 has been raised and spent through local fund raising, wonderful local support, lotto assistance and sponsorship to create and complete two full size playing pitches, an enclosed floodlit all weather training area, a grass training area, a modern club house, car park plus levelling, drainage and fencing. All this has been made possible with the wonderful support of the Carrick on Suir residential and business sectors, friends of Carrick United far and wide, players-ex players and their families world wide. The arena was officially opened Minister Noel Davern in September 2001. At that stage United will owe approximately £60,000 on Development achieved.

A little over eight years ago United had a wonderful history, ample success on the playing fields and a lot of friends far and wide but one thing was missing. The Development Committee expertly exploited Clubs past to create the base that the complex is now built on. This “ footballing arena” is the envy of other clubs and is continually being praised by those who view it. It is a sporting asset that can only benefit the town and surrounding areas. Noel Davern T.D. has paid glowing tributes to the efforts of the club, which has provided top of the range facilities in the sports mad town. The benefits of the entire development to the club and area in general are obvious:

  • A Game that has given thousands of hours pleasure and social opportunity has a fitting home.
  • The hundreds involved in the game in Carrick on Suir have a base and identity they never had before.
  • Teams from all over Ireland can be invited in the knowledge that they can be catered for properly. In turn visitors will carry away a good impression of the state of soccer in Carrick.
  • Local schools, factories and interested groups can avail of modern facilities
  • Carrick United have a base that can stand along side other exciting developments in the town as a tribute to a sport that has prospered in the town for well over a quarter of a century
  • With so many adults and school children playing soccer, twinned with the clubs emphasis on coaching, this development will provide necessary facilities.
  • Carrick United now stands for Champion teams and Champions Facilities. The teams efforts deserve such an arena to play on, the arena deserves the stud marks of success.


Mary Walsh,
12 O'Hickey Place,
Carrick On Suir.


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